Iron Innovations Inc.
1101 Clinton Industrial Park Rd.
Clinton, MS 39056

Phone: 601.924.0640
Fax: 601.924.1107

MS License # 15024291

Gates • Columns
Automation • Fence
Factory Certified Technicians


Established in 1970, Iron Innovations, Inc., has expanded and progressed in the iron industry to become a leader in creative forging and metalworking. Specializing in custom iron, aluminum and copper work, our many products are used both residentially and commercially. We offer gates, fences, hand railings, balcony railings, metal awnings, mailboxes, signs and covered kiosks, to list a few. Our entrance gates and fences are elegant, secure, and private. Our many styles range from basic to ornate to provide a tasteful “first impression” of your property while complimenting the surrounding landscape and architecture. Our state of the art powder coating system allows our finishes and colors to range from industry standard to exotic faux.

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